A short cover letter

More about Alida

Alida’s personal writing style is a perfect blend of her personality traits: carefree, informal and straightforward; professionally, her style reflects her to-the-point approach to work, while still being creative.

She is an enthusiastic children’s book publisher; a versatile and hard worker who likes to put in that extra bit of effort in order to achieve the best results possible. Her outstanding aptitude in languages and writing has resulted in excellent communication skills. She is ambitious, organised and very detail-oriented.

Alida strives to maintain the excellent work ethics she has cultivated over the past decade while working in different environments: a camera store, a petting zoo, a clothing boutique and a well-known, upmarket entertainment venue/theatre. An adventurous, energetic and creative young woman, she gets along well with her co-workers on all levels.

Working under pressure to meet deadlines is a pleasant rush; she has very good self-discipline and dedication. With her light-hearted spirit and fantastic sense of humour, she knows how to balance the urgency of an upcoming deadline with lighter moments over a cup of tea.

She sees acquiring new skills to adapt to workplace requirements and circumstances as an exciting opportunity to grow. Whether it is teamwork or a solo task, Alida stays focused and driven.

Alida harbours a passionate love  and enthusiasm for nature conservation, travelling, music and language. She is an avid and experienced hiker, a very amateur sailor and the best road-trip partner anyone could wish for.